Peter App

Sales Manager, North America Whistler Water Inc. Established in 1991

The TAP program is essential for any small to medium business looking to expand outside of their domestic market.

Give us your elevator pitch. Describe your business in 25 words or less.

Whistler Water – glacial spring water that travels through granite fissures into a natural aquifer. It collects nature's minerals and elements making it perfectly balanced.

What was your biggest challenge in terms of business growth and exporting before you joined TAP?

Understanding the international market dynamics and having key representatives to assist in the business development.  The excitement of exporting can easily disappear after one hits unexpected hurdles such as customs and political policies.

Where do you currently export?

USA, China, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Europe, Taiwan

What did your team learn from TAP?

You don't have to figure everything out on your own. TAP provides a network of professionals to assist in the expansion plans and can save a company both time and money. 

What have been the key outputs for you and your company since graduating TAP?

Key outputs include a variety of business contacts and new business opportunities in both our U.S. and Asian markets.

What do the next 18-24 months look like for you and your business?

Rapid global expansion with a primary focus on the U.S. Even though there are potential duty issues, the U.S. still provides an incredible opportunity. We are looking at furthering our development by hiring sales representatives in identified key target markets. The Asian market continues to thrive as the demand for Canadian water continues. New distributors and customer inquiries are on the rise.

What is the next international market you would like to tap into, and why?

Australia is market of high interest. The new CPTPP agreement provides a gateway to this market. The Canadian awareness is high in this country, including our brand recognition.

Who do you think could benefit most from participating in TAP?

Any company that has a small team and wants to expand into international markets. TAP can assist in the process. There is help available at both the provincial and federal levels of government.

What is your overall impression of the Trade Accelerator Program?

The Trade Accelerator Program is essential for any small to medium business looking to expand outside of their domestic market. TAP provides the tools to assist in the formulation of an export plan which forms the guidelines and a road map for new international markets. It also connects you to other like-minded companies and key contacts that can assist in your execution plan.

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