Thomas Wang

Accountant, CDG Coast Dynamics Group Ltd. Established in 2007

CDG Coast Dynamics Group Ltd is an innovative shock mitigation seats manufacturer located in Victoria, Canada. We are consistently raising the bar through superior engineering and functional design, integrating new technologies for ergonomics, durability, and most importantly, safety. That's why we've become the industry's most trusted supplier of shock mitigation seating technologies and systems.

Give us your elevator pitch. Describe your business in 25 words or less.

CDG is capable of design, manufacture and wholesale our unique shock mitigation seating products from Canada to the world.

What was your biggest challenge in terms of business growth and exporting before you joined TAP?

Our biggest challenge before joining TAP is the lack of knowledge and tools about how to more efficiently utilize our resources when entering a new market such as Australia.

What did your team learn from TAP?

CDG has made many new connections while participating the TAP. We like the Global affairs' services most which really helped us to reduce our sales budget and cover some costs.

TAP is also a very helpful platform to learn about other Canadian businesses and it is quite interesting to learn how they export their products to new markets.

What have been the key outputs for you and your company since graduating TAP?

We have a more detailed plan laid out for each department in the company. Sales team is tasked with new tradeshows to attend and production has a new goal to increase capacity, engineering team is encouraged to hire more design engineers who can help meet the design need of our potential new customers.

What do the next 18-24 months look like for you and your business?

In the coming Fiscal Year of 2019, we believe our sales will be increased by any 5% (conservative) to 10% (optimistic). The sales team had turned in some very encouraging results.

Who do you think could benefit most from participating in TAP?

CDG is the one that's receiving the highest value by attending TAP events. The company is growing and need healthy knowledge provider such as TAP to guide us so the company has better planning and the shareholders and employees can be greatly benefited when CDG is becoming more profitable.

Where do you currently export?

USA, UK, France, Italty, Finland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, etc.

What is the next international market you would like to tap into, and why?

Our next market in line for entrance is currently set as the Middle East. Because it is an emerging sector CDG can no longer ignore. Turkey, for example, has a large demand for our products but we have not yet had the opportunities to connect with the Turkish military forces and we are looking at a market of millions worth that just need to be visited.

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