With the help of our mentors, the Leaders of Tomorrow mentorship program brings together post-secondary students in their final year of studies and industry experts to develop the leadership and managerial skills of Vancouver's future business leaders. We greatly appreciate your interest in participating and will respond to your inquiry at the earliest opportunity.

We will notify you if you are selected as a mentor in the summer of each year as this is when we pair up our Mentors and Mentees.

You must be a current Member of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade in order to to be selected. Unfortunately not all applicants are selected as we often have more mentors than spaces available. Preference is given to those whose experiences are best matched to students accepted into the LOT program.

This application will take you 10-15 minutes to complete.

Learn more at boardoftrade.com/lot.

1. Are you a cardholding Member of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade?

For information about how to become a Member, please email .

1. Basic information.

3. Have you been a LOT Mentor before?

4. Would you be able to dedicate 15-20 hours to your mentee between September 2019 and August 2020?

The bulk of this time would be spent meeting with each other as most pairings connect 5-7 times during the course of the year. These meetings may be in person, over the phone, or even attending an event together.

5. How did you hear about the Leaders of Tomorrow mentorship program?

6. Will you be living in Vancouver from September of 2019 to August 2020?

7. Why do you want to participate in the Leaders of Tomorrow mentorship program?

8. Please briefly describe the type of mentee you are looking for. Feel free to outline your preferred mentee's program of study, location and career goals.

9. As we try to pair students with mentors that share similar experiences and background, please outline some of your past work experiences or notable volunteer achievements.

10. Please outline some of your past academic experiences or notable achievements.

What is your LinkedIn profile?

If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, please email your CV to