March 8, 2021

Recently we sent our 2021-22 budget submission to the Government of Canada. Our submission focuses on three things: People, Investment, and Transformation.

We must put People at the centre of our recovery. This means redoubling our efforts to educate, re-skill and support our workforce.

Our tax and regulatory systems must be simplified to encourage Investment. A more focused approach to infrastructure, enhancing internal and international trade, and ensuring all Canadians can get connected.

Our world has changed and spurred the need for an inclusive economic Transformation. To be competitive in the future we should foster more commercialization of research, leverage our sustainable and green technologies, while fostering entrepreneurship.

While considering what investments to make, the government must strike the right balance between short term needs of those severely impact while offering a clear fiscal plan that positions the country for the future.


Read our full submission 


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