For Immediate Release
April 9, 2018

GVBOT cites B.C. government’s ongoing efforts to frustrate Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd., as decision made to halt non-essential work on Trans Mountain Expansion Project

VANCOUVER, B.C. — In response to the announcement by Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd. that it is suspending non-essential work on the federally-approved Trans Mountain Expansion Project, the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade calls on the B.C. government to immediately end its tactics to endanger, delay or block the project.

To the extent the B.C. Government has legitimate concerns about the environmental impacts of the project, the Board calls on the province to work cooperatively with Trans Mountain and the other levels of government to ensure its remaining concerns are fully addressed. The Board of Trade also calls on the Government of Canada to take all necessary steps to reassure the local, national, and international business community of Canada’s capacity to responsibly export energy products, and of the federal government’s permitting, environmental and oversight jurisdiction.

Iain Black, President and CEO of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade said, “This matter has gone well beyond the merits of a project. It has gone beyond the debate as to carbon-based energy exports and Canada’s global role in producing and selling them. And it has gone beyond the economic argument about B.C.’s ongoing, enormous reliance on natural resources and how Canada is currently selling better, cleaner energy products to the USA at massive discounts because we can’t get them to tidewater.”

Black continued, “The impasse created and sustained by the provincial government is now challenging — in the full view of the international investment community — the very ability of our country to govern itself. We thus call on the federal government to demonstrate beyond a doubt that we are one country united under the law.”

It is time for the Federal government to assert its powers vested under confederation. Not only are constitutional and trade issues looming — as Alberta commits to passing legislation in the coming days aimed at inflicting economic pain on British Columbia — but the reputation of Canada and B.C. as stable, predictable jurisdictions for the crucial international investment that fuels so many of our industries is clearly at risk.

The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade calls on:

  • The B.C. government to immediately stand down on the current Spill Response Review process that will delay and/or endanger the Trans Mountain Expansion project and, to the extent new and legitimate issues remain in this area, work jointly with other levels of government to collaboratively address them.
  • The B.C. government to withdraw from the City of Burnaby’s appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada on the matter of issuance of municipal permits for a federally-approved project.
  • The Prime Minister to convene an in-person meeting with the Premiers of British Columbia and Alberta as soon as possible, and secure their cooperation to address the issues facing the Trans Mountain Expansion Project and, failing quick agreement, to seek final resolution by way of exercising the federal government’s legitimate authority in this matter.


About the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade:

Since its inception in 1887, the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade has been recognized as Pacific Canada’s leading business association, engaging members to impact public policy at all levels of government and to succeed and prosper in the global economy. With a Membership whose employees comprise one-third of B.C.’s workforce, we are the largest business association between Victoria and Toronto. We leverage this collective strength, facilitating networking opportunities, and providing professional development through four unique Signature Programs. In addition, we operate one of the largest events programs in the country, providing a platform for national and international thought leaders to enlighten B.C.’s business leaders.

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