Dear Members,

Earlier this summer the Federal Government announced a series of proposed changes that stand to impact how small businesses operate; specifically, how small businesses pay tax, how they manage money/capital, and how family members can engage in the business and/or plan for retirement.

In my nearly six years at the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, I have never sent a note as I am now. That's because in those same six years we've never seen proposed legislation that, according to you, could have such a profound impact on the very way you do business.

As you know, your Membership fees are used to respectfully engage government at all levels on issues such as this that could be potentially disruptive to B.C.'s economy. We are preparing to engage with the Federal Government directly on your behalf. However, we need your help.

You will soon receive an email from us with more information that will illustrate why there is a growing storm in Canada's small business community over this matter. It will also contain a specific call to action for you personally.

I promise that it won't take but a moment of your time, and that if we all participate, our cumulative voices will be noticed in Ottawa.

Thank you in advance for your participation and ongoing engagement.  

Iain J.S. Black
President and CEO
Greater Vancouver Board of Trade


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