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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Transit Improvements Important for Single Moms, Youth and Others Working on a Fresh Start

Vancouver — YWCA Metro Vancouver has joined the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition, highlighting the important role that transit plays – now and in the future – for many local families.

"YWCA Metro Vancouver offers programs and services across the region that benefit a range of clients, including single mothers and their children, students and jobseekers," said Janet Austin, CEO, YWCA Metro Vancouver. "It is crucial they have access to safe, reliable and convenient public transportation options across Metro Vancouver. These improvements will enable them to access the support they need to build better futures for themselves and their children, ultimately strengthening our communities."

The Mayors' Plan calls for 200 kilometres of 11 new rapid B-Line bus routes and 400 additional buses, expanded Canada Line, Millennium Line and Expo Line services, new LRT in Surrey and a Millennium Line extension to Arbutus in Vancouver, 30 per cent increase in HandyDART service, among an array of other improvements for more flexible and efficient transit. When completed, these expansions would see 70 per cent of Metro Vancouver residents living within five minutes of fast, frequent transit with an average wait of only 7 ½ minutes.

"I'm going back to school, so having safe and convenient public transit options nearby to get my son to daycare and myself to and from class throughout the day is extremely important," said to Liz Leask, a single mother living in a YWCA affordable housing community, who added she could not function without good transit.

With the addition the YWCA, the Better Transit and Transportation Coalition has grown to 100 supporting organizations representing hundreds of thousands of Metro Vancouver residents. The newest member group underscores the social benefits that go along with the environmental, economic and health benefits of improved transportation and better mobility.

"Many people in our region rely on transit to get to their jobs, doctor's appointments and schools," said BTTC co-chair and David Suzuki Foundation CEO Peter Robinson. "Better transit means more access to jobs and easier movement for the people in our communities who may not be able to afford a car or are physically unable to drive one — or who choose to rely on greener transportation options."

VP External of UBC's Alma Matter Society, Bahareh Jokar, concluded "the growing coalition represents democracy in action. As a student leader, I am focused on planning for the future and ensuring safety and quality of life of our student population is maintained. That is why we are actively involved in pledging our support for voting YES."

About Better Transit and Transportation Coalition (BTTC)

The Better Transit and Transportation Coalition is a new coalition — the biggest, most diverse ever in B.C. — supporting the Metro Vancouver Mayors' Council Plan to dramatically improve transit and transportation in our region. The BTTC now has 100 organizational supporters representing hundreds of thousands of Metro Vancouver residents, including organizations from business, labour, environment, student, community, health and other groups. Learn more at the BTTC's new website: BetterTransit.info, follow us on Twitter @voteyestransit, and like our Facebook page BetterTransitInfo.

About YWCA Metro Vancouver

YWCA Metro Vancouver is a registered charity, providing a range of integrated services for women and their families, and those seeking to improve the quality of their lives. From early learning and care to housing, health and fitness, employment services and leadership, YWCA Metro Vancouver touches lives in our communities.


For more information:

BTTC – Bill Tieleman, 778-896-0964

YWCA Metro Vancouver – Chantelle Krish, 604-895-5767


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