The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade fosters an outstanding environment for building great relationships. They provide numerous opportunities that connect business leaders together for true progress and change and have created the cohesion needed in Greater Vancouver's business community.

Judy Reeves

EdgeCeptional Catering

Expand your network

Meet more people, attend more events, and create more opportunities.

Enhance your visibility

Profile your business by leveraging exclusive advertising opportunities, offering a Member benefit or sponsoring an event.

Advance your emerging leaders

Our Company of Young Professionals (CYP) program offers your team, networking, development workshops, volunteer opportunities, and much more.

Business+ Membership benefit highlights:

  • Ability to offer a benefit on the Membership Marketplace
  • Full Membership for 3 members of your team
  • Unlimited tickets to exclusive Member Networking Receptions
  • Ability to offer Member-to-Member benefits
  • Corporate listing in annual Member Directory
  • One-time $50 credit on Member activation fee when annual membership is fully paid at sign-up

This membership is recommended for small to medium-sized companies with up to 150 employees.

Membership credits available for non-profits, retirees, students and others

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