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Engaged Leadership - Growing as a leader

The Engaged Leadership Program (ELP)  is targeted at managers and entrepreneurs who are looking to take the next step in their career progression. The program provides resilient leadership training, mentorship, and community engagement opportunities for our future leaders.

In our latest blog post, Air Canada In-Flight Service Operations Manager Nikita Sachar discusses her own experience from the first cohort of the ELP.

The aviation industry has entered a rebuilding phase post-pandemic, as a result, I have stepped up into many leadership roles over the last year including Manager, Crew Performance and Manager, Operations. I rely on current events to guide my decisions when overseeing our operation from an In-Flight perspective. Being a naturally curious person, continued education is something I make a priority for both myself and the team I lead. For newcomers to Vancouver, institutions like GVBOT can help cultivate connections and build a foundation for growth within the community.

The opportunity to join the Engaged Leadership Program was brought forward to me by one of my mentors, James Howey, whom is somebody I admire greatly and learn from regularly. Originally from Calgary, I saw this program as an excellent opportunity to develop a network of peers outside of the aviation industry. What I valued the most were the community engagement opportunities which is something that is very important to me as a leader. It can be challenging to connect with professionals when you are new to Vancouver, this made the process easy, enjoyable and highly educational.

My Program Highlights

The program has been greatly beneficial in providing me with perspective. 

Coming out of the pandemic, the opportunities to connect have been limited. Having a chance to sit down in a room with leaders, gaining insight into the challenges they face or how they planned to apply our learnings was the greatest benefit. The modules are relevant to somebody looking to engage their team, peers and leaders they report to. The roundtables were intimate and open, each featuring different leaders unique in their own respect.

Favourite Session:

I found all the modules to be useful in their own respect. 

The module focusing on Change Management was a topic I wasn't familiar with and thus had a big impact on me. The in-class learning provided an opportunity to take part in a more practical way. I walked away with a more structured approach to managing the people side of change, something that is so important in today's climate.

Having an opportunity to hear from leaders with a wealth of experience opened the door to understanding how to better sustain my energy under pressure and cope with changes. At the start of the program, I had just begun my role as a people leader and was keen to ensure that I could overcome major difficulties while maintaining my emotional equilibrium. We explored the idea of resilience with our roundtable guests, where they shared how they apply the framework in their environment.

Best Takeaway:

The most important takeaway I had from ELP was to focus on how your career is so much more than your job. 

We must be intentional in our words and actions as they have an impact. To respond to challenging situations you must foster your sense of well-being and perspective. It has really helped me to move away from ruminating and focus on learning.

Best Leadership Traits:

Having completed the ELP program my perspective on leadership has expanded beyond my day-to-day work. 

A good leader is effective, they have faith in their beliefs, and take time to know and understand people. They look far beyond today and ensure they are clear and articulate their vision. Good leaders are far more than best practices but rather they are built of evolving practices and continue to stay curious and educate themselves. They focus on the people around them and ensure to lift others up. They understand there is more than enough sunshine for everyone, so soak it up!

Learn more about the Engaged Leadership Program and apply today.

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