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Advancing Diversity and Inclusion: A Year of Impact at the DLC

A message from Rob Chiarello, Senior Vice President of People and Culture at Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) and outgoing co-chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council (DLC) at the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

The DLC, an evolution of the Women's Leadership Council program, is an inclusive initiative that champions leadership reflecting the diverse makeup of Greater Vancouver. Through a range of programs, initiatives, and events, we offer practical business development education, advocacy, recognition, and networking opportunities to drive inclusive growth.

We are dedicated to investing in underrepresented groups and assisting the business community in achieving their diversity and inclusion objectives.

A Personal and Professional Journey

My career at PBC has allowed me to combine my human resources expertise with my passion for DEI. As a proud member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community, I've seen DEI's significance grow significantly for organizations over the last decade. What was once a personal commitment has become a pivotal aspect of my professional life, with PBC leading the way in DEI initiatives.

Joining GVBOT's Program Advisory Committees

My journey with the DLC program began with the realization that Pacific Blue Cross was making a meaningful difference. I felt a responsibility to share our experiences, especially with smaller businesses lacking our resources. DEI requires shared best practices, ideas, and tools to drive equity and inclusion.

Professional Growth Through Committee Engagement

Committee involvement has been immensely beneficial for my career. I've connected with extraordinary leaders in Greater Vancouver, and we've learned from each other to empower our communities. I've forged lasting friendships and formed connections with industry leaders, providing a support network for ideas and projects. My role in the committee has enriched PBC's DEI initiatives, offering fresh insights and ideas to enhance our efforts.

Highlight: The GVBOT Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Forum

My favorite program event is undoubtedly the GVBOT Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Forum. Launched during my co-chair tenure, it has been a resounding success. The event continues to evolve, with each iteration delivering greater impact. It doesn't just influence businesses but also benefits their employees and customers. I believe this event will leave a lasting legacy.

Impact on the Greater Vancouver Business Community

Over the past year, the DLC program has provided essential resources and tools to Greater Vancouver's business community.

Our partnership with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion Consulting Inc. has granted hundreds of members access to training and resources that may be challenging for smaller businesses to obtain. DEI is a complex, ever-evolving field, and our collective support strengthens us.

A Moment of Pride

My proudest accomplishment is the EDI Forum. I genuinely believe it ranks among the top DEI events in the Vancouver area. It's a must-attend event that offers invaluable insights and fosters meaningful connections.

A Message to the Advisory Committee 2023-24

As I hand over the reins to the incoming Advisory Committee for the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council in 2023-24, my request is simple: Stay humble and committed to learning. DEI is a journey, and we're all at different stages. This committee excels in learning from each other and engaging in discussions that propel the business community forward. Let's continue sharing resources and explore ways for larger organizations to assist smaller businesses that may lack dedicated DEI resources.

In conclusion, serving as co-chair of the DLC program has been an honour, and I'm grateful for the impact we've made in advancing diversity and inclusion in Greater Vancouver's business landscape. Our journey continues, and I am confident that the DLC will leave an indelible mark on our community.

About Rob Chiarello:

Rob Chiarello is the Senior Vice President, People and Culture at the Pacific Blue Cross. With over 20 years of experience in strategy, innovation and direction, Rob leads recruitment, labour relations, organizational culture and transformational change management at the Pacific Blue Cross.

In partnership with CCDI Consulting Inc., we proudly offer the IDEA Fundamentals 1.0 and 2.0 Certification for those seeking an introduction or building on the principals of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Level 1.0:
Level 2.0:

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