Past Chairs of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade form a Council of Governors. Each spring, the organization honours and celebrates these distinguished leaders of the community at its annual Governors' Banquet and Rix Awards.

Below is a list of Governors and the year they served as Chair of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.

Robin Silvester, ICD.D (2016–17)

Tim Manning, O.B.C. (2015–16)

Hon. Janet Austin, O.B.C. (2014–15)

Elio Luongo (2013–14)

Ken Martin (2012–13)

Wendy Lisogar-Cocchia, O.B.C. (2011–12)

Jason McLean (2010–11)

Sue Paish, Q.C. (2009–10)

Henry K.S. Lee (2007–08)

Frank Borowicz, Q.C. (2006–07)

Daniel F. Muzyka (2005–06)

Jeff Dowle (2003–04)

Peter Legge, O.B.C. (2002–03)

Carole Taylor, O.C. (2001–02)

Harri Jansson (2000–01)

T. Richard Turner (1999–2000)

A. Allan Skidmore (1998–99)

Robert A. Fairweather (1997–98)

Brandt C. Louie, O.B.C. (1996–97)

Wayne A. Nygren (1995–96)

Jill Bodkin (1994–95)

George F. Gaffney (1994)

Iain J. Harris (1993–94)

David G. McLean, O.B.C. (1992–93)

Larry I. Bell, O.B.C. (1989–90)

Peter H. Hebb (1988–89)

Bob Kadlec (1987–88)

Graham Clarke (1986–87)

Arthur Hara, O.C. (1985–86)

Allen M. Fowlis (1984–85)

Donald C. Selman (1978)