Nominations are now closed and will reopen Spring 2020

The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade is Western Canada's most active and influential business association. The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade's Governance and Nominating Committee is responsible for presenting nominees for election to the Board of Directors.  Nominees can assist this Committee by completing this form.  We request information that is relevant to skills, expertise, interests, and experience appropriate for our Board of Directors and its responsibility for our Purpose, Vision and Mission. 

Purpose, Vision, and Mission

OUR PURPOSE is to support sustainable prosperity throughout the Greater Vancouver region.

OUR VISION is to be an active, innovative, trusted, credible business organization, known for influencing decision-makers, and educating, connecting with, and engaging our communities.

OUR MISSION is to provide leadership, information and connections, and public policy support that help ensure the Greater Vancouver region is competitive and the preferred Pacific Gateway for trade, commerce, and travel.

WE ARE informed, respectful, principled, collaborative, and professional.

Qualifications Sought in Board Members


The Board is strongest and most effective when the following core competencies are represented, with each Director contributing knowledge, experience, and skills in at least one or two domains:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Experience/Leadership
  • Finance, Investment, and Risk Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Legal
  • Previous Boards/Governance
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Real Estate, Land Development and Construction
  • International Business
  • Human Resources

These skills and experience should be reflected in an appropriate balance of ethnic, cultural, age and geographic diversity.  Further, it is understood that emphasis should be on recruitment of Directors who bring more than credentials or designations by contributing to a culture that accelerates business success by advocating and influencing public policy, developing business leaders, connecting businesses and presenting thought leaders.


The following characteristics are of fundamental importance in the recruitment of new Board members to support the Purpose, Vision, Mission of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade

A. Membership and Commitment

  • When nominated, Directors must be members in good standing of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.
  • Directors must agree to support the Purpose, Vision and Mission of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.
  • Directors should have prior volunteer involvement with the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.

B. Integrity and Accountability

  • Directors must have demonstrated high ethical standards and integrity in their personal and professional dealings and must be willing to act on – and remain accountable for – their boardroom decisions.
  • Directors must understand the duties and responsibilities of a Board of Directors.
  • Directors should be respected and influential in the community and/or possess special knowledge, skills or experience which would assist the work of the Board.

C. Informed Judgment

  • Directors should be able to provide wise and thoughtful counsel on a broad range of issues.

D. Financial Literacy

  • Directors should be financially literate and familiar with processes for evaluating organizational performance.

E. Mature Confidence

  • Directors must value the performance of the Board as a whole over individual performance and should demonstrate respect for others in executing their responsibilities to the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade.

F. High Performance Standards

  • Directors must have a history of achievements that reflect high standards for themselves and others, enabling them to contribute to the superior performance of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade's Board.

G. Time Availability

  • Directors must be willing and able to devote the time and effort necessary to fully participate in the governance of the organization.

Nominations are now closed and will reopen Spring 2020