We accelerate business success

The Greater Vancouver Board of Trade is Western Canada's most active and influential business association. We accelerate business success through our advocacy and public policy initiatives, our four Signature Programs for professional development, and our 100+ events each year, which educate and connect our region's business community.

We engage with decision-makers to develop Greater Vancouver as a vibrant hub for commerce, trade, travel, and free enterprise. And we've been doing it with tangible results, for more than 130 years. (History and Milestones)

We impact those who work, live, or visit here

Our efforts and influence have resulted in major and lasting benefits to businesses, residents, and visitors alike. Some of our notable successes include:

  • The Canada Line to YVR
  • The Nexus pass that expedites passage between U.S. and Canadian borders
  • The Greater Vancouver Economic Scorecard 2018, which measured our region among 20 jurisdictions across the globe
  • Bringing many elite speakers to Vancouver, such as Bill Clinton (more than once), Hillary Clinton, Justin Trudeau, Richard Branson, and many more who have addressed the business community with their thought leadership and knowledge.

Our purpose, mission, and vision

In 2017, our board of directors embraced a new mission statement that guides the important work that we do on behalf of our region's business community.

OUR PURPOSE is to support sustainable prosperity throughout the Greater Vancouver region.

OUR VISION is to be an active, innovative, trusted, credible business organization, known for influencing decision-makers, and educating, connecting with, and engaging our communities.

OUR MISSION is to provide leadership, information and connections, and public policy support that help ensure the Greater Vancouver region is competitive and the preferred Pacific Gateway for trade, commerce, and travel.

WE ARE informed, respectful, principled, collaborative, and professional.